Getting Started with pyomo_simplemodel

The pyomo_simplemodel package is software for modeling and solving optimization problems. This package is derived from Pyomo, and it defines the class SimpleModel that illustrates how Pyomo can be used in a simple, less object-oriented manner. Specifically, this class mimics the modeling style supported by PuLP:

Feature PuLP SimpleModel
Column-wise YES NO

The following sections illustrate similarities and differences between SimpleModel, PuLP and regular Pyomo models. First, the knapsack problem is used to illustrate that these packages can be used in a similar manner on simple applications. Next, the soda can problem illustrates that SimpleModel can represent nonlinear problems that cannot be modeled with PuLP. Finally, the newvendor problem is used to illustrate three different modeling representations: unstructured models, structured models and hierarchical models. SimpleModel and PuLP have unstructured models, while Pyomo supports all three modeling representations.

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